About Me – My life as a Solo Travel Junkie

Solo Travel JunkieI have been travelling solo since I was a student. When I was in my twenties it was not common for a woman to travel on her own, even in the western countries. I often had to face  unsupportive surrounds, friends and family who could not understand why I wanted to travel solo and what I found so good in it. Negative feedback and weird comments were not rare.

My love for travelling solo – How it all started

My love for travelling solo started during my student time, when I was in Vienna and in London. As I was living abroad on my own next to studying I wanted to explore my surrounds and see the country I was living in. I went on cultural trip around UK and Austria, later on in Germany and Spain.

On my solo trips I had the great opportunity of meeting wonderful people, making long-life frienships and experiencing new things that helped me grow as a woman and as a traveller.

I have created this website to give my contribute as a veteran female solo traveller. My goal is to create a stron community of empowered women who want travel around the word with clarity, confidence that are theirs. Who want to live through their feminine perspective and let their inner voice shine and guide them through life and travel plans.

As an old saying tell us.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”


So let’s come out of the box and give it a try. Give yourself the rewards you deserve. If you feel called to this empowering way of travel then have a go. I am here to share with you my experience, my tips and create positive synergy with fellow female travellers.

If you share these values send in your story and be part of the Solo Travel Junkie community!

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Your Solo Travel Junkie!


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