The benefits of travelling alone

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What are the benefits of travelling alone on a regular basis

On the previous post we highlighted the reasons and motivations why women travel alone Why shall a woman travel alone and what are the major benefits from adopting this way of travel and making it to a lifestyle ?


Every woman is different, travels with different purposes and therefore makes different, unique experiences. However there are common benefits that every woman witness after travelling alone for a while. This is a list of the major advantages women experience.

4  benefits from travelling alone

  • The freedom to do whatever you want and like without anyone having expectations from you. This is absolutely priceless. There is no other way to travel that can match this level of freedom.
  • The experience is unique as you are the only one who can feel the intensity of what’s going on. Meeting people and socializing with them will become much easier and slowly an integral part of your journey.
  • The connection to your surrounds is deeper and from different perspectives. By travelling alone you will become more proactive, as there is no one else that can do things for you. You have to take action all the times, whenever you need an information, advice, tips or just want to talk to someone, it’s just you and no one else.
  • The learning process is maximized as you gain direct knowledge. When you travel alone you are bound to increase your level of awareness, this is something that comes naturally as you need to be more vigilant of what’s happening in your surrounds. This may be tiring at times, however it has a beneficial effect as you can take in your surrounds in a more efficient way.

I started in my twenties to travel alone first in my home country, then in Europe as a studen and in the USA.  From every single solo trip I have learned a lot, every experience has enriched my life with new knowledge. It has brought a lesson along with a spark of energy into my life. But first of all it gave me the opportunity to learn me more about myself.

Here is how travelling alone can help you become not only a better traveller but also a better person.

  • to see with clarity your strong and weak points.
  • to give the best of yourself in all circumstances.
  • to do things you thought you could not do it on your own.
  • to recognize the kindness of generosity of strangers around you.
  • to appreciate everything around you.
  • to be thankful for things you used to take for granted.
  • to share with fellow travellers and locals your experience about life.

The list could go on and on. But now it’s enough with lists.

What about our personal solo travel stories ? These are what counts.Starting from this month I will tell you more about my past and present solo travel stories around the world. As well as interviewing other women and solo travellers who will share their voice and experience on our SoloTravelJunkie Blog.

If you are interested in telling us about your story or being interviewed check out this page and get in contact with us here.

What are for you the biggest benefits from travelling alone ? Share your experience here below!







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