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The weather zones and best time to travel in Australia

I have made a simple list for each australian state, to give you basic information about how the australia_weatherAustralian weather zones look like in the different australian seasons. This list gives you an overview of the australia climate zones at a glance thus allows better planning a trip to Australia.

Check this information out so as to identify when is the most appropriate time of the year for visiting a specific australia destination:

  • New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania
    spring time: October, November
    Summer time: December, January, February
    Autumn time: March, April, Mai
    Winter Time: June, July, August
  • Victoria coastal area and Tasmania
    The ideal time for visiting the Great Ocean Road and Tasmania is the summer (December-February). I would not recommend Tasmania between March-October, because of the cold and rainy weather
  • Queensland
    Queensland has pleasant weather almost the all year through. In winter time (June-August) temperature drop a little.
  • North tropical Queensland
    Almost tropical weather all year through with rain season in the upper north during some months, generally from October-February. For visiting the Great Barrier Reef the ideal period is July-August.
  • Western Australia, south
    In Western Australia the weather is almost permanently pleasant with summer heat peaks from December-February. In northern Western Australia temperatures are tropical,
    and during the wet season from Nov-Feb it is hot and steamy
  • Western Australia, north
    Tropical weather with rainy season (November-April) and dry seasons (May-October).
    Recommended time for visiting Broome, Kimberley area is the dry season but careful this time of the year is the busiest time, therefore if you wish some peaceful holiday you’d better pick an off beaten time of the year.
  • Northern Territory, Top End
    Tropical weather with rainy season from (End October-End May). Better time for visiting is the dry season, but rainy season also has its charming effects, such as lush vegetation, beautiful colours and stunning sunsets scenarios.

The Australian wet season usually starts in November and last until March-April but it does vary depending on region and also the atmospherical condition. It does not mean that it rains all the time, but sometimes it hits the extremes i.e. either it rains heavily for an entire week with no stop or it can be pleasent and sunny for longer period with just little bit of drizzle rain now and then.

But even if you know by heart all Australia’s climate zones, It is very difficult if not impossible to know how how long the wet season will last every year, so what to do ?

The best thing is to check out the daily Australia’s weather conditions and get an update from the rainfall forecast in Australia

This can help you planning your trip day by day and eventually amend in time your itinerary according to the australian local weather conditions. Beware that by heavy rainfalls roads may be also closed ! In this case you will not be able to access your destination area either by car nor by any other tranportatin means and you will have to reschedule your visit or change your plan and
or head to some other places.

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