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An interview with Leisa Bright of the Wildlife Hospital

Learn how you can contribute help save the Koalas in Queensland Volunteering with the Australian Wildlife has been the most rewarding experience of my travels around Australia this year. The insight and the knowledge I gained about the threats koalas are undergoing in Australia was simply amazing, let alone the extraordinary personal experience of getting […]

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How To Plan A Solo Adventure in Australia

You already know how to plan a trip to Australia, and we covered a few important steps of the trip preparation, to recap them, find here below my Australia trip planning: Searching and booking the flight to Australia. Choosing the right travel destinations. Outlining the travel itinerary across Australia. Choosing cost-effective transportation around Australia, Booking […]

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How to help save endangered Koalas in Australia

My work at the Wildlife Hospital in Beerwah was coordinated by Kylie, a volunteer coordinator assistant to Leisa Bright, whom I interviewed when I was there. During my 5 days of volunteer work with endangered koalas I could learn so much from Kylie and her team of volunteers. In total a team of 95 wildlife […]

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