How To Plan A Solo Adventure in Australia

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You already know how to plan a trip to Australia, and we covered a few important steps of the trip preparation, to recap them, find here below my Australia trip planning:

  1. Searching and booking the flight to Australia.
  2. Choosing the right travel destinations.
  3. Outlining the travel itinerary across Australia.
  4. Choosing cost-effective transportation around Australia,
  5. Booking domestic flights, car rental etc.
  6. Researching and booking your accommodation in Australia.

Now it’s time for you to step forward and make all arrangements for your trip to Australia.

Let’s have a look at the second row of things to sort out before travelling to Australia.

All Steps for Planning a Trip to Australia

  • Passport and Australia Travel Visa Issues
    As you know you need a valid passport to enter as a tourist Australia. Check your passport’s expiry Australia Travel Tips date and make sure it is valid for at least 6 months after your planned departure. You will also need travel or a tourist visa to enter Australia unless you are from New Zeland, everyone needs one.The best way to get a tourist visa is to apply for a Travel Visa also called ETA. If you are from Europe, you can apply for the e-visitors visa, a free visa granted to all European citizens.You can apply for ETA Visa to Australia or your e-visitors at least a couple of weeks before leaving, and all applications are usually processed within 48hours. Save a copy of your Australia Visa with a copy of your passport on a USB flash drive.
  • International Driving License for hiring a car in Australia
    If you plan to hire a can in Australia, you need an international driving license, unless you have an English driving license. You need to apply for it at your local car registration office. Do not forget to bring your own local driving license too.Here are some great tips for driving in Australia.
  • How to pay in Australia – Cash or Credit Cards
    Credit and debit australianmoneycards are the best way to pay in Australia. Visa and Mastercard are the most common credit cards. A prepaid credit card can save you money on exchange commissions. You’d better check out with your own bank before going to Australila.For your daily cash, the best tip is to withdraw money from the ATMs, you can use either credit card or prepaid cards, but beware that commissions on credit cards can be expensive. On this post, you can read about currency exchange tips and also check out with your local bank how they will charge your card when using it in Australia.
  • Australia Travel Insurance
    When it comes to Travel Insurance, this is probably the less exciting aspect of the whole trip preparation. Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered it here. I have been using different travel insurance types and have a bit of experience with it. The first thing you need to check is1) whether your health insurance covers you in Australia. Most local health insurances don’t.

    What you want to have covered
    ? Major issues are Health Insurance and MedEvac Insurance.
    Flight Cancellation. Thefts of personal belongings. Personal liability.For a deeper insight into choosing the right travel insurance, I’ve put together a detailed page with all things about travel insurance for Australia.
  • Packing for Australia – what kind of luggage
    If you have not made up your mind yet with what kind of baggage you will choose for Australia check out this post with great packing trips and how to choose between a backpack and suitcase for your travel in Australia.If you have made up your decision, check out this useful packing tips for Australia.

To learn more about how to get your Australia Trip organized, check out these other pages:

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