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A recap of my beautiful trips in Australia from 2004 to 2008


My first solo trip took place in 2004. At that time I was undergoing a difficult time. No matter what I did or thought I could not get started in any directions I tried to go and just felt stuck. So I decided to take a time off and leave for one destination I had been longing for years; yes, you have guessed, that’s Australia.

When I started making real plans and getting my trip ready, I did not know exactly where to go and what to do in Australia. So I asked friends and everybody who had been there and could give any useful advice, searched in Internet for travel websites, read travel guides and books about Australia. It took me 6 months to get my itinerary in Australia ready. By setting up my 3 months trip to Australia I considered three important key-factors: time frame, season and climate, my interests.

How to travel around Australia, how you choose to get about is also playing an important role in your travel around Australia. This can, depending on how you decide to travel (flying/driving or a combination) make the difference, as it takes lots of time to cover huge distances and this can cause fatigue, and considerably affect your travel enjoyment. Indeed this factor is underestimated by the majority of people when it comes to make the travel plan to Australia. Australia is a vast continent and distances are huge, you cannot figure it out, unless you have been there before. So, do consider this aspect carefully while planning your trip in Australia.

When a rough idea, about what I wanted to do, was slowly taking shape, I started drawing up a route from my “starting point ” through the different destinations in Australia I planned to visit to then return, in a loop, to the starting point, which was Sydney.

michela2It is a good thing to allow enough time for each place, and prefer slow and cultural travel, instead of wanting to pack as many places as you can, moreover it may help to add some extra time as a tolerance for anything that could influence your trip like for instance an extension of your stay, or any unpredictable inconvenience it may occur. What it helped me a lot was listening to other’s travellers experience and reading about Australia’s landmarks

In the end, the invested time proved to be worth it, the planned itinerary ideally fit into my time frame, the climate conditions of Australia different areas, everything worked out just perfect according to my schedule.

Each single place of Australia has its own distinguishing character, you will discover it and enjoy it and and when you are about to leave it you will take with you a special memory of that place for the rest of your journey.

To be honest sometimes I would have loved to stay longer, or slighlty amend my route and add more unplanned destinations to it, but as it happens most times in life, you are going to give up something in order to step forward, and this is what happened to me while travelling around Australia, it looked as if I was going from one stage to the next and experienced each place as if it was a doorgate to go through.
This is vital: make the most of it while you are there, adjust your travel to your needs and to your feelings and get prepared to move onto your next destination naturally.

My decision to undertake this trip in Australia alone proved to be the best decision I ever made from which I gained an immense benefit. The Australian environment triggered my deepest emotions and helped my personal awareness grow.

More impressions about my Trips in Australia

michela3Sometimes it may sound a commonplace, Australia’s awesome beauty, make of this continent indeed a unique place which will stun you with its magnificence wherever you are and whenever you go. My trip to Australia had a very strong impact on my health as a whole and also on my spiritural growth. You may now probably wonder, how this happened.

Well, in my case, the main trigger for this was the closest encounters with nature, which I could experience in most areas of Australia and in various circumstances.

Close approach with Nature may help you loose inner conflicts, negative feelings and emotions, enhance your inner awereness at different stages thus helping you perceive things and situations in a positive way so as to clear away inner conflicts. It brings peace and harmony in yourself, so that “restless noise” will stop streaming out of your mind and will be replaced by an immense deepest silence, finally I call that feeling the “healing silence” of our soul.

It may sound all too spiritual and esoteric pitched but it is indeed a natural process, and it just happens! Australian nature and its magical beauty and profound peacefulness amazed me with a powerful effect on my wellbeing.

This is just the beginning of what it has later on turned into a solo travel blogger adventure.


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