Why Every Woman should Travel Solo

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Welcome to the Solo Travel Junkie Community!

Today is a great day because I am officially opening the Solo Travel Junkie Blog. It has been on my list for a long time. As I have been travelling solo since I was in my twenties I have felt the need of sharing my experiences. But the Solo Travel Junkie Blog is not only about my solo travels it has a higher purpose and mission. It has the ambition of inspiring women who would love to travel solo but have fear of stepping out and are seeking a supportive environment from a female community that can walk them through to empowering travel solo experiences.

I have deliberately chosen to dedicate the Solo Travel Junkie Blog only to WOMEN. Because I feel women are wonderfully social creatures who can foster their inner feminine voice and empower one another by creating a synergy of like-minded women.

Bizarre Travel Plans are dancing lessons from God

Why every woman should Travel Solo

I think Solo Travel is the cornerstone of the Personal Growth Path in every woman’s life. And a  supportive environment is essential before planning your solo trip as well as when travelling solo. It is vital to be surrounded by the right people, not only because we want to go solo. We always shall want to naturally select with whom we want to be and who can help us foster our dreams and live the life we want.

I know the feeling of being talked out of travelling solo, especially at your first attempt, by unsupportive family members or by critical friends who fail to recognize the essence, the value and the benefits of travelling solo.


Travel Solo means taking a Spiritual Discovery Journey


Solo Travel imparts vigor to the mind, by creating clarity –  Nurtures the soul, by increasing self-esteem – Balances out you inner voice, by regaining sight of things.  – Miki Fantinel


As an addicted solo traveller I started travelling alone in my early twenties.  It still is my preferred way of travelling, as I travel alone by 90% of my time. And I can tell you why.

Last week I came back from my Solo Trip to London, as I attended the WTM2013. A great get-together of fellow travellers who shared their experiences and talents, an interesting event wher you can learn and share new things and be inspired. At the same time the first Asian Women Conference took place in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

This was absolutely a great event, organized by the AWE and my friend Juno Kim from RunawayJuno.

Unfourtunately I could not attend the Asian Women Conference. Nonetheless I was honoured to contribute with an interview about why every woman should travel solo. This was published on the travel blog of the AWE Sponsor, Sedunia Travels.

On this link you can read my Interview about Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo. Feel free to share it or embed if you find it useful.


Why Should Every Woman Travel Solo

What is Solo Travel Junkie Blog about

On the Solo Travel Junkie Blog you will be reading about my solo trips as well as about those from other fellow female travellers who have decided to go solo and want to motivate and inspire other women. The Solo Travel Junkie Blog will not only cover emotional and supportive articles, it will also provide you with pratical solo travel tips from how to start travelling solo and learn about your-self to how to deal and overcome mishaps, when on the road.

I am delighted to invite you to join the Solo Travel Junkie Blog and be part of this empowering community of Solo Female Travellers who love to stand out, empower their feminine voice and live the life they love!

Much love from the author of the Solo Travel Junkie Blog!



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