Why women travel alone

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Facts and benefits for women who travel alone

Women have always travelled alone. While in the past it was not common for women to go solo over the last years an increasing number of women have embraced solo travel as a new empowering way for discovering the world, making experiences, meeting new people, mingling with the locals and first and foremost getting to know more about themselves. A changing attitude towards life and a higher level of awareness has made this possible.

Women who travel alone

When looking at the time when I started to travel alone, over 20 years ago, it was not like now. I often had to face prejudices and deal with unsupportive environment. This was not preventing me from travelling alone though. Nowadays people’s perception has changed, female solo travel is culturally welcomed, mostly everywhere, at last. Moreover women-friendly infrastructures are opening up to make female solo travel safe, comfortable and more affordable too.

What is motivating women to travel alone

Travel is the best way to enrich our life. As an old saying says, it is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer”. This is very true. It makes our mind and spirit richer. No matter how you do it. Either couple travel, in a group or alone. Travel alone in my opinion is the best way to leverage the whole process as it is an empowering tool for personal growth.

However personal growth is not the reason why women travel alone, but the ultimate benefit. Women travel alone because they feel called to it. It’s our inner voice that steers our actions and our willpower that tells us what to do.

It’s not something you do because it’s trendy or because someone has tried to persuade you. It’s not something you are good or bad at it. It’s something you simply do and most importantly it’s something you do your way.

That being said, what are the situations that motivate women to travel alone ?

The common denominator for women who love to travel alone

Hundreds of unique different situations motivate women to travel alone. No matter what the reason may be for women to travel alone, I believe they have something in common. A special mindset and a purpose in life, that triggers every woman to going solo.


A profound feeling of independence and freedom is what triggers most women to travel alone. Women who lead an independent life are more likely to travel alone. Being financially and mentally independent is key. An independent frame of mind is important, as it makes you free in all circumstances, in your daily life as well as on the go.


To travel alone you need the right level confidence that allows you to step out of your comfort zone and feel comfortable with it. You cannot force yourself but we all feel uncertain in life. Most of times uncertainty and limitations come from irrationals fears that linger in our box (mind). The trick is to become aware of it and learn how to turn this negative feeling into positive energy.


Most women who travel alone want to restore balance into their own life. While overcoming death of loved ones, divorce, career breaks, middle life crisis or whenever things have come out of sight and the situation requires endurance.


If these feelings are not vivid now, do not worry, it may take a little bit more before you are ready to take the final step to travel alone.  Learn more about how powerful solo travel experience can be and the benefits from travelling alone here.

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